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The Sunrise that never came

On this particular morning, I saw one of the most crazy-colored pre-sunset I have ever seen. I have a bunch of wildly colored photos from that morning; this is one of the last ones I shot. I used a Sundial App called "Sunseeker" to figure out what time of the year to shoot a photo, with a sunrise almost behind 'Operaen' in Copenhagen. First time I tried, I missed the Sun by a 45-degree angle more or less.
Anyway, the funny thing about this sunrise is that I never did see the Sun. You can see how close it is to the horizon. I even saw it shine buildings behind me, but seconds later, it went up behind the clouds, not to show itself again and the magic was gone. Sometimes you get some strange sunrise experiences, and that is one of the things I love most about photography. Unexpected experiences. Photo by: Jacob Surland, http://www.caughtinpixels.com. Licensed Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, no derivatives v4.0.

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