The Portfolio

  • Corner in Sydney

    Sydney has a fascinating combination of small older houses and modern skyskrapers. Photo by: Jacob Surland

  • On the way home

    On the way home on a rainy evening. Photo by: Jacob Surland

  • Home from Brønnum's

    A cosy winter mood from Copenhagen.

  • Liv i Københavsn Havn

    Med en fin udsigt fra Blox, kan man se det liv der er i Københavns havn.

  • Beautiful Roof tops

    Mont Saint Michel is a fantastic place. Totally Medieval mood.

  • The Door is Open at the Louvre

    In the search for a unique shot of the Louvre in Paris, I found this composition, which I had never seen before. I always get a kick out of shooting a unique shot, from a location shot by millions of other photographers before me.

  • Dramatic View of Paris

    You do get some dramatic photos, when the weather is so bad, that you almost give up.

  • Manarola Day to Night

    The photo covers many hours compressed into one photo. There is a 10 minute nighttime star trail exposure and day time bathing action.

  • Leaving Eltz Castle by a Car

    I forgot my jacket in the car, when I went to shoot photos of Eltz Burg & Eltz Castle. I ended standing for a couple of hours in a light but very cold wind. In the end I was rewarded by this situation, a car leaving the Castle.

  • Hallstatt in the morning

    The iconic view of Hallstatt in Austria. Apparently the Chinese have fallen in love with this idyllic little town, by the lake side. It is understandable, it is very beautiful.

  • The Long and Winding Road in Tuscany

    This long and winding road you can find in Tuscany.

  • Late View of Canal Grande

    If you can get a spot, you can literally stand on the Rialto bridge for hours, while you enjoy the view. The view is full of activity and happy people. Photo by: Jacob Surland

  • Morning View of Åre Skisport Resort

    Morning View of Åre Skisport Resort seen from Copperhill Mountain Lodge.

  • Great Belt Bridge 2

    Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

  • Roskilde Cathedral Reflection

    Roskilde Cathedral is the place where most of the monarchs of Denmark have been burried. This includes the viking Harald Bluetooth, second king of Denmark. It is after him, the technology Bluetooth is named.

  • Desolate Central Station

    Copenhagen Central station found empty at 8pm, that's unusual.

  • The Water is Running out of Nyhavn

    The water is runing out of Nyhavn. A composite surreal image.

  • When the Day Turned to Night in Nyhavn

    A daytime photo converted into a nighttime photo. By Jacob Surland

  • Life around Hotel Astoria in Copenhagen is busy almost around the clock.

  • Today - one year ago Kristoffer Trolle and I went to Bellevue just north of Copenhagen to shoot some photos. This is probably the coldest photography experience that I have ever had. Today - warm and sunny. People sitting outside cafe's drinking their coffee. Strange reality.

  • @olinb_photography and @karenvesterager shooting up Nyhavn.

  • Frederikskirken

    Frederiks Kirke in Copenhage stood for more than a hundred years as a half built church, but with no ongoing construction.

  • The Church of Our Lady, or simply Copenhagen Cathedral seen from behind. It hardly looks like a church from back here.

  • Langelinie Pavilionen on a quit evening.

  • Langebro in Copenhagen.

  • Japanese Gate in Tivoli Gardens

    The Japanese Tower in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • The Opera House before sunrise

    The Opera in Copenhagen a little while before sunrise.

  • The Lone Lamppost in Copenhagen Harbor

    A view of Copenhagen harbor from Langebro.

  • Nyhavn Reflection

    Not the most commonly photographed view in Nyhavn.

  • An almost reflection of Thorvaldsens museum in Copenhagen. It is put together from 8 exposures.

  • A 24 hour display of Roskilde.

  • Tracks Towards the Tivoli Hotel

    Denmark - Tracks Towards the Tivoli Hotel.

  • En havnerundfart i fuld fart - fra en fototur med @kristoffertrolle

  • A misty morning in Copenhagen.

  • Harris

    On a stormy day at Bagh Steinigidh on Harris in Scotland.

  • Emerald Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Canada on a beautiful evening.

  • The Gelato Station

    The main station in Vancouver is a beautiful building and you can buy icecream right in front. I talked to the owner of this particular icecream shop. He was curious about what I was shooting photos of.

  • Beach and Wave on Harris

    You can always learn something new. One of the most central things I learned on the recent Photo Workshop on Harris with @duncan_macarthur, is that soft ND grad filters can be used to cast light on the foreground. I never thought of it that way before.

  • Viborg Cathedral 1

    Viborg Cathedral is a beautiful cathedral.

  • Old House in Copenhagen

    One of the beautiful houses in Copenhagen. It is the home of a really good restaurant, that comes highly recommended.

  • Grand View of Copenhagen Central Station

    The Icon Astoria Hotel in Copenhagen.

  • The Harbor Ferry in Copenhagen is in a hurry. Buy Limited original art at:

  • Huset

    Huset - The House - in Copenhagen.

  • Imperial Corner

    The Imperial Corner in Copenhagen Downtown.

  • Stille aften ved Frederiksholm kanal

    From the roof of the DAC building.

  • Nyhavn Morning

    Nyhavn Morning on a morning worth getting up for ... as a photographer.

  • The Star Above the Central Station

    The Clouds formed the shape of a star above the Central station in Copenhagen.

  • The old sailors inn.

    The old sailors inn.

  • Anders Albrechtsen

    on June 15, 2015

    Hej Jacob. Mange tak for dit svar - jeg har skrevet til dig på facebook. Hvis den ikke kommer direkte i din indbakke, skal du kigge i "other folders" På forhånd tak.

  • Jacob Surland

    on June 11, 2015

    Anders Albrechtsen - ja det er det. Kontakt mig på facebook eller g+ så kan vi aftale hvordan og hvorledes. eller

  • Anders Albrechtsen

    on June 11, 2015

    Er det muligt, at købe dit foto"Nyhavn in the morning" som fil?

  • Jacob Surland

    on October 3, 2014

    Thank you so much Yuliya - didn't you just love Brugge? Chocolate Capital i so wonderful!

  • Yuliya Gorb

    on October 1, 2014

    Wow, Jacob, these views are absolutely fantabulous, unreal. Great job! I love your way of post-production, it adds some magic into each pixel :) My son easily recognized Brugge, which we'd visited last month, at your photos :) I was happy to meet London, Copenhagen, Budapest, Brugges, Armenia on your pictures, and you visual version of these places are just magical, fabulous :) Thank you :)

  • Jacob Surland

    on June 29, 2014

    Hej Lise-lotte Pedersen,
    Det er jeg rigtig glad for at høre :-)

  • Lise-lotte Pedersen

    on June 19, 2014

    Super flotte billeder Jacob. Mig og Michael er super glade for det han fik af dig.

  • Jacob Surland

    on January 29, 2014

    Hej Dorthe,
    Mange tak skal du - hav en dejlig dag :-)

  • Dorthe Møller

    on January 29, 2014

    waouw! de er godt nok flotte, du har sandelig blik for motiver, og ka' også efterbearbejde ...